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Haliburton Real Estate Market Update – July 9, 2014

I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on the real estate market in Haliburton.  June has slowed in both residential and cottage sales, but the very robust market we had in May still provides better results in year to date comparisons.  With respect to the market for single family homes in the County, sales so far are 134 compared to 125 sales for  2013.  That represents an increase of 7%.  However, June had only 22 sales as opposed to 30 sales last June.  And only 5 sales so far this July versus 12 for the same period last year.  Prices are up on average by 13%.


Cottages/recreational sales are up 13% and prices down 10% on average year to date comparisons with 2013.  June and July are the same as last year.  May was much better with 35 sales this year as opposed to 21 sales last year.  I expect with the inventory, we will start to see price drops.  The adverse weather conditions seem to be having an adverse on recent sales.  For cottages, the sale to list ratio is at 96% up from the almost standard 95%.


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Fall Update

Please find attached our fall newsletter.

Fall 2013 Newsletter

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Great article on our nephew Cody Hodgson and cottage life in Haliburton

Cottage Life ( recently posted an article that we wanted to share.

Famous Canadian Cottagers:

Cody Hodgson

 By Jenna Wootton  

Playing hockey nearly his entire life, one of Cody Hodgson’s career highlights includes winning gold at the World Junior Championships in 2009. Now a centre for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, Hodgson tries to find as much down time as possible in the off-season to sneak away to his family cottage just outside of Haliburton. We caught up with him to find out how he likes to spend time in Ontario cottage country.

Cottage Life: You have a pretty strong connection to the Haiburton region…

Cody Hodgson: I’m from Haliburton originally, I was born there, but we moved to Markham when I was eight. Even then, we’ve always gone up to the lake. We pretty much lived there during the summer when we were kids. On the last day of school, we would have everything packed, mom would pick us up, and we would drive there as soon as classes were out. We wouldn’t come back until the day before school started up again.

CL: What about when you got older and more seriously involved in sports?

CH: Once I got older, into my teenage years, I would train up there. Then, when I started playing for the OHL, I would train in Markham, but I would still be at the cottage every weekend, so it has always been a big part of my life. I actually learned to skate on the cottage lake.

CL: Do you still make it up there regularly, now that you’ve started playing for teams outside of Ontario?

CH: I try to make it up there as much as possible, but obviously training down in the city six days a week takes up a good chunk of my time. This summer I’ve actually had a little more time off, so I’ve gone up for a week already by myself. It was just the dog and I. It’s always going to be a place that I go to relax and unwind, just get away from everything. Like I said, I was born up there, so I have a real special connection to the area. My grandparents both live up there and I have lots of family on the lake—aunts and uncles, cousins, basically the whole Hodgson clan.

CL: What kinds of things do you do up there when you’re alone?

CH: Well, my favourite spot is the hammock. I’ll lay down there just after breakfast and read for a bit.

CL: Anything being a professional athlete has stopped you from doing at the cottage?

CH: I used to love to waterski and tube, but you know, I can’t really do that anymore because that’s the kind of stuff where you can really injure yourself. I still go on the four-wheeler once in a while, but I guess I can’t jump off the rocks either. Everything is just a bit more laid-back now.

CL: Anything you do up at the cottage that helps you recharge for the next season?

CH: Just getting away from the routine of things really helps, though I do still play hockey quite a bit when I’m up there. I’ve actually set up a shooting station in the backyard. When I get up in the morning, I’ll go shoot pucks for a while. There’s also a hill behind the cottage that we can run up, so there are ways to stay in shape and stay within the game, even though there might not be a rink for miles.

CL: Lots of families have cottage traditions—what about yours?

CH: One thing we always do is get together for a fish fry. My brother Clayton has caught quite a few fish, so at the end of they day, we have a bunch of family members over and eat whatever my brother caught. I do some fishing as well, but I enjoy bass fishing and he likes fishing for trout, which is much better to eat.

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Haliburton County Market Information March 21, 2012

We are  experiencing an early start to our spring season in more ways than one.  This record-breaking warm weather has helped to kick off a strong start to our 2012 spring market. 

The winter residential market is as strong as we have seen the last few years.  This is due to various factors, including record low interest rates, residential house prices coming down (off water 11% from 2009), pent up demand, etc.  Having said that, it is a sign of strength in the market place.

Non-water residential sales have increased from 17 sales last year (January 1, 2011 to March 20, 2011) to 45 sales this year (January 1, 2012 to March 20, 2012).  This represents 164% increase in residential listings that have SOLD.  If you have been considering listing your property, the conditions now seem to be ideal to hit this strong spring market we are experiencing.

Also, if you have been considering buying, this nice warm weather would allow you the opportunity to enjoy an early start to the cottage season.  We have numerous wonderful properties to suit individuals of various styles, tastes and lifestyles.

Our company, Century 21 Granite Realty Group Ltd., will be prominent at the Cottage Life Show at the end of March – be sure to drop by and say hello to one of our agents in our large double booth.

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Haliburton Boys Done Well

I wanted to share a great article in this week’s edition of the Haliburton County Echo about two fine Haliburton men, one being my nephew Cody.  Very exciting for all of us.

Childhood friends share NHL ice in Denver

By Darren Lum

Posted 1 day ago
 It’s a long way from Haliburton.

NHLers Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche and Cody Hodgson of the Vancouver Canucks squared off in Colorado at the Pepsi Center on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

It was the first time the childhood friends, both originally from Haliburton, played each other in several years since they were in minor hockey.

When the two centres shared the same faceoff circle they also shared a smile and left the talking to before and after the game, Hodgson said in a phone interview.

“It was cool to faceoff against him,” he said. “I always liked watching Matt [play]. Seeing him do so well and knowing that if I got healthy and got playing again I could play as well. It’s really cool to have both of us come from Haliburton and now both playing [in the NHL].”

They have been friends for most of their lives, playing with and against each other throughout their hockey careers. They have remained friends ever since.

Neither said it, but it’s apparent the memory will last long beyond this season.

Hodgson factored in the game’s outcome when he threw a nice centring pass to Manny Malholtra, who scored the game’s first goal in the opening period and eventual game winner.

Duchene, who was on the ice when Hodgson got the assist, couldn’t have been happier for his childhood friend. Hodgson has endured injuries and is currently in his rookie season.

“He’s obviously battled hard through a lot of adversity and come out stronger on the other side. I’m really happy for him and I know he’ll continue to get better each game he plays. I’m real proud of him,” he said in an email from his mobile phone.

As kids, they spent hours playing mini-stick hockey in the basement of the Haliburton house owned by Duchene’s parents.

Hodgson has said in an interview he remembers riding his bike from his cottage to Duchene’s during the summer.

Several years later the two played on opposing teams with Duchene on the Central Ontario Wolves and Hodgson on the Markham Waxers.

“It was just like minor hockey again. It was fun,” Hodgson said, adding he is happy for his friend’s success. “Matt’s a great hockey player. He is an all-star in the league. I love watching Matt have so much success. He’s a great hockey player. I realized playing against him he has such power and speed. He’s real smart out there. It’s a pleasure to play against him.”

They later played together on the same team for the Ontario Hockey League’s Brampton Battalion.

Both were drafted into the NHL with Hodgson drafted by the Canucks then the next year Duchene was picked by the Avalanche. Duchene has since gone on to establish himself as an NHL star while Hodgson has worked hard to stay within the future plans of the Canucks.

Throughout it all, the Canucks rookie never forgets the small town that continues to support him as one of their own.

“Haliburton is such a great hockey town. It really supports its players and supports its people. I’m really appreciative of that,” he said.

“The support that Haliburton has given me throughout the injuries and before [has been great as] they always come out and show their support. I loved playing in Peterborough in the OHL because it always felt like a home game for Matt and I. It was always fun to go there. Half the rink was from Haliburton,” he said.

Hodgson also loves the support from his family including his parents, grandparents and, in particular, his grandmother, who is a dedicated watcher of all of his games, even staying up late for those that end early the next day.

Hodgson, who has played right wing and centre, has averaged 13 minutes of ice time this year and is seventh in team scoring with 10 (four goals six assists) points through 21 games.

On this night Duchene, who leads his team in goals (nine) and points (16) through 22 games, was his usual offensive threat, coming close on a pair of chances in the later stages of the game and nearly setting up a goal for his team. Despite Duchene’s best efforts, the Avalanche was unable to score and were shutout by the Canucks 3–0.

Vancouver may have won the game, but it seems the real winners are the childhood friends, fulfilling a dream to play in the NHL.

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Youth Unlimited Corporate Breakfast

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Youth Unlimited Corporate Breakfast.  About 30 people were in attendance for the great breakfast provided and sponsored by McKecks.

It was an opportunity to hear an update about the services that Youth Unlimited provides our community.  It was also a time for Youth Unlimited to launch the beginning of their corporate sponsorship campaign.

Our realtors believe strongly in supporting the organizations that work hard to make a positive difference in our community.  Youth Unlimited is one of 29 charities/causes that Century 21 Granite Realty Group Ltd. has been able to support in our local community this year.

For more information about the great work accomplished by Youth Unlimited, please visit their website:

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